My New Year begins with the day of my baptism; and, this is to every one of you whom the Lord has brought forth out of darkness! The day of your baptism starts your new year! It is a beginning of months on an individual basis! It is the Lord's proclamation! What a day of rejoicing it is!

What is the date of your baptism?
Learn About Your Baptism Which is Your Passover!

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You say you want to be a help in supporting this ministry! If you want the job to be a help to us, speak it to God; and, He will lead you in the way of prosperity! He will make good to abound your way! And, when you prosper, make sure you keep the vow you vowed unto God, and do as you vowed. It is better not to vow than to vow a vow, and not keep that vow. Vow the vow with sincerity of heart! If you want to be a contributor, contact me at my Email address below!

Remember: you are dealing with the All Knowing, and Almighty God! Remember how kings of old were exalted; but, later knocked down, because they would not honor the vows they made to God. Amen!

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