"The Top Line Belongs To God!"
"Let There Be Light!"

This is:

I Am Presently Working In The 12th Month of The 5th Year!

The years are the years according to the number of years after the date of my baptism! (07-19-2011)

Bless the LORD, O my soul, and, do not forget any of His Benefits! Bless the Lord Who forgives all of our iniquities! Bless the Lord Who heals us from all of our diseases! Bless the Lord Who redeems our life from destruction! Bless the Lord Who crowns us with lovingkindness and tender mercies! Bless the Lord Who satisfies our mouths with good things, so that our youth is renewed like the eagle’s. “Blessed are You, O Lord Jesus!”


5th Year Writings!

1st Month of the 5th Year! 2nd Month of the 5th Year! 3rd Month of the 5th Year!
4th Month of the 5th Year! 5th Month of the 5th Year! 6th Month of the 5th Year!
7th Month of the 5th Year! 8th Month of the 5th Year! 9th Month of the 5th Year!
10th Month of the 5th Year! 11th Month of the 5th Year! 12th Month of the 5th Year!


  4th Year Writings!  
10th-month-4th-year 11th-month-4th-year 12th-month-4th year

Starting over, as the Lord has commanded!

A little here, and a little there! Bringing it to the fullness, where God wants it!

The Way God wants it done!

Weeding out! Instructions are given: but, who will do them? Who will rejoice in instructions? Sometimes you have too much; and, things have to be weeded out, leaving only that which we will work with. That is what was shown with Gideon when only 300 were chosen out of 32,000 who had reported! Many are called: but, few are chosen! Focus only on the willing!

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